Captain Havel is the captain of submarine. He and his crew have dedicated themselves to protecting the whales.

Physical appearance

Captain Havel is an older man with grey hair and a grey beard.

In his first appearance he has dark eyes, but when he returns his eyes are blue.



East of Zanzibar

After a storm catches Jonny and Hadji by surprise, they stumble on an uninhabited island where they find many wrecked ships and are picked up by Captain Havel and his crew. Havel tells them about his devotion to protecting the whales, even when it means destroying whaling ships and killing their crews. Jonny and Hadji are able to escape, and Captain Havel's submarine is pulled down by a giant squid.

Captain Havel and his crew survive, and continue attacking the whalers.

Besieged in Paradise

When Jeremiah Surd attempts to take control of whales and other cetaceans, Dr. Quest has Race make contact with Havel to have him stop Surd, who's located off the coast of Madagascar. Havel attacks Surd's ship, taking him down and stopping Surd's attempt at taking control of the whales.



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