Dr. Benton Quest is a renowned scientist and an operative of Intelligence One. He is the father of Jonny, the adoptive father of Hadji, and the husband of Rachel.

Physical appearance

Benton Quest is an adult man with red hair, a beard, brown eyes, and fair skin. He typically dresses in a suit with a tie.


Dr. Quest is inquisitive and inventive, and he likes solving cases. Hadji and Race take advantage of this by loudly making inaccurate deductions about a golden mask in order to get Dr. Quest interested in it.

Dr. Quest has trouble communicating with his son Jonny, which becomes a major conflict and rift between them as Jonny is unable to open up and Dr. Quest doesn't know how to connect with his son.



Race: "Dr. Quest?"
Dr. Quest: "I had no way of knowing she was going to die, Race. But still... could I have made that shot?"
Race: "No one could have made it, Benton."
Jonny's Golden Quest


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For other versions of the character, see Benton Quest (disambiguation).

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