Bandit is the Quest team's pet dog and he accompanies them on their adventures.

Physical appearance

Bandit is a small bulldog with mostly white fur, with black fur around his eyes in the shape of a mask. He wears a red collar with gold studs.


Bandit is friendly with his family. He can make friends easily, and he quickly warms to Jessie.

Bandit can be quick to growl and attack others though. He will growl and attack anyone or anything that threatens his family, and he attacks Zin's replicants several times. He chase after random animals, like cats.

Bandit also has a six-year rivalry with 3-DAC, even though she is Dr. Quest's invention. He regularly growls at her, and he bites her cord which causes her to malfunction.



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For other versions of the character, see Bandit (disambiguation).

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