Anaya Zin is one of the twin daughters of Dr. Zin, with the other being Melana Zin. She is flirtatious with Hadji Singh, although they are antagonists. Anaya is introduced in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Physical appearance

Anaya has green eyes, long black hair, fair skin, and is of Asian descent. She is identical in physical appearance to her twin sister Melana.


Anaya and Melana are unwaveringly loyal and dedicated to their father Dr. Zin. After his apparent death, they seek revenge against Benton Quest and his family.


The Bangalore Falcon

Anaya meets Hadji, Jessie, and Jonny while they are visiting Bangalore. She introduces herself as an ornithologist interested in the blue falcon Haresh, and welcomes her to stay at the palace to observe the falcon while it heals. Anaya and Hadji seem to grow fond of each other, enough for Jessie to be jealous and for Hadji's mother Neela to discuss it with her.

After Haresh is kidnapped by a masked thief and Anaya's helicopter is stolen, Anaya and the team goes after them in Pasha's helicopter and find the city of Shambala and the the river of life. But the thief is revealed to by Anaya's twin Melana and that they are the daughters of Dr. Zin, and they are after the waters of the river of life for immortality. The Quest Team are able to escape and capture the twins. Anaya and her sister are taken away by police, but the team quickly learns that the police were really Dr. Zin's henchmen and that the twins have already escaped.

Night of the Zinja

Anaya and Melana have their scientist Dr. Hatani design and build robotic assassins, three in all. The first "Zinja" is sent to steal a momentum-increasing invention of Dr. Quest's, but the thief was unknowingly stopped by Race Bannon. Race then impersonated the destroyed Zinja and reported back to Anaya and Melana, who, thinking the mission a success, dispatch the second Zinja to assassinate the President of the United States.

When Jonny Quest tries to contact Race via the comlink he still wore, the Zin Twins overhear and order Dr. Hatani to stop him. Race easily defeats the scientist, but has a tougher time with the third, partially complete Zinja. Race is able to trick the Zinja into accidentally destroying the computer which control the robots, deactivating both the one in the Twins' hideout as well as the one sent to kill the President.

After this, Hadji Singh and Jessie Bannon arrive and fight Anaya and Melana in hand-to-hand fighting and defeat them both. After this, Dr. Zin himself appears, having faked his own death to test his daughters' ability to run his empire without him. He chides them for their failure. Zin arranges a "surprise" for Bannon and the kids (a bomb), and the twins and Dr. Hatani escape aboard their helicopter.




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