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Alice Starseer is a supporting character in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. She is a Native-American scientist, a member of the Anasazi tribe, and is involved in encounters with extraterrestrial beings. She has a romantic relationship with Dr. Benton Quest.

Physical appearance

Alice Starseer has brown skin, dark brown eyes, and straight black hair that's cut above her shoulders.

She wears jeans, a jean jacket, a red shirt, and turquoise jewelry.


Alice and Dr. Benton Quest used to work together. She tells him about her grandfather and extraterrestrials. They shared romantic feelings for each other and Benton asked her to come with him, but she felt she had to stay where her people are, and they parted ways.

Alice later sends Benton an alien artifact without explaining what it is, and she calls him, seeking his help. Benton, Race, and Hadji leave to meet her. Benton helps her escape the Men In Black to make contact with her grandfather and the aliens. Before leaving, Alice asks Benton to come with her, but just as Alice had to stay behind when Benton asked her before, Benton stays behind to stay with his family. Alice leaves Earth with the aliens.[1]




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